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Financial Literacy

Education is key component of global financial health and stability


Toronto--  Dr. Roberta Wilton, President and CEO, CSI Global Education Inc. (CSI), today discussed the role financial education plays in contributing to the overall health and stability of the global financial system with the federally appointed Task Force on Financial Literacy.

"Excellence in financial education is a cornerstone of a solid financial market structure," said Dr. Wilton. "Financial literacy and by extension the formalization of the process that leads to becoming financially educated, is a topic that is of vital importance to everyone in what has truly become a global community that is linked together through international economic partnerships."

With the shift to an advice-based model, instant-action, globalized markets, and complex new products, financial advisors have much more to sell and the risk is higher. A robust education standard for professionals is increasingly important.

"In Canada, investment professionals are among the best educated and must adhere to the highest accreditation standards among those who work in the industry," said Dr. Wilton. "Canada has the highest proficiency standards worldwide and I am very proud that CSI has been at the forefront in developing those proficiencies."

Appointed in June 2009 by the Federal Government, the Task Force on Financial Literacy is comprised of 13 members, drawn from the business and education sectors. The Task Force on Financial Literacy will provide advice and recommendations to the Federal Minister of Finance on a national strategy to strengthen the financial literacy of Canadians.

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