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Resourcefulness & Adaptability: Opportunities & Challenges of Globalization

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“A global-ready graduate [is] a person with a grasp of global systems, global issues, the dynamics of how things are interrelated and interconnected in the world, and how society can best address global issues.”
- Ron Moffatt, Director of the San Diego State University International Student Center

“The skills to listen, observe and evaluate, analyze, interpret, and relate.”
- Darla K. Deardorff, Director of Duke University’s International Education Administrators Assc.

“The ability to be fluent in at least one other language, such as Spanish or Mandarin; fluency with e-commerce and the Internet; a well-versed knowledge of geography; and, maybe most important, some knowledge of the political and cultural history of one or two countries or regions outside of Western Europe.”
- Carol Conway, Director of the Southern Global Strategies Council  


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