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How 3D  Technology Provides Choices for Assessment & Demonstration of Learning

Although this wiki is now closed, the resources are magnificent

Many Teachers, students, and schools programs are not at this level of seamless technology integration. The 3D printing world is emerging in schools and society. Colleges have already been using 3D printing in a similar fashion for use with CAD systems. In one of the Harvard Business Reviews, they say 3D printing will change the world and economy. 3D printing is more advanced and popular now than ever, and is emerging in classrooms. 3D printing is revolutionizing the classrooms with objects students can hold and touch.

Predictions for future commercial manufacturing require manufacturing firms to be flexible, or ever-improving. 3D printing is now entering the field of rapid manufacturing and was identified as a "next level" technology by many experts in 2009. This product will help the future generations for learning since they can hold and feel the object they are learning about. 3D printing in the classrooms will help tremendously with education especially in younger level learning.

Predictions and Inventions

According to Conor MacCormack, CEO of mcor Technologies, he believes; "We are at the start of an exponential growth in the 3D printing industry and people will look back on this time in history and see it as the start of a new 3D age.”

Also, in the next five years we will see an increase in bureau services and walk-in off the street 3D print shops, like Staples, that will really bring 3D printing to the masses. Conor MacCormack believes that 3D printing will change how people design, innovate and communicate in schools and businesses. This is an example of a business that wants to move forward with 3D printing in the near future. Mcor plans on making their 3D printers at a low cost, while still being high quality and eco-friendly.