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One City's Approach to Screen Time

Like Everything in Life, Moderation is a Good Rule of Thumb


The Canadian Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines for children and youth aged 5-17 recommend limiting screen time to two hours or less per day. Screen time should be limited to less than one hour for children 2-4 years old and no screen time is recommended for those under two. Canadian children and youth, however, get over 7 hours of screen time daily. It’s time to pause to play and reduce screen time.

Tips to reduce screen time:

- Be a role model
- Plan screen time in advance
- Place clear limits on TV watching, video playing or web surfing by limiting screen time to less than two hours per day - work towards this by starting with 30 minutes less each day day

Make and enforce screen time rules and restrictions, such as:

- The TV is turned off at mealtimes - use mealtime for conversation
- Do not use the TV or computer as a reward or punishment
- No TVs and computers in bedrooms - a television in the bedroom draws children away from family activities and distracts them from homework, reading and sleeping

 Pause to play:

- When watching TV and during commercial breaks, try to move more by stretching, doing yoga or jumping jacks
- Lead family activities like a bike ride, soccer game or walk outside
- Teach children new games by playing with them
- Have family theme nights like “Tubeless Tuesday”, “Walking Wednesday”, or “Swimming Saturday”

Full story at : City of Ottawa website