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The Creative Mind Series: Learning Landscapes

Excellent Resource on the Physiology of the Brain

Great Summer Read !

This issue of LEARNing Landscapes shares historically, theoretically, and practically how the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and education are  working together to get a more cohesive understanding of the physio­logy of the brain, and to implement learning in more effective ways. 

A missing piece in the evolving understanding of learning was what was developing in the field of neuroscience, particularly in the 1990s. New and sophisti­cated imaging technology permitted scientists to actually see the brain at work and provided new insights about learning.

It is the recent integration of mind, brain, and education (MBE) research that is helping to enhance our understanding of learning and contribute to more effective teaching. This issue illustrates many aspects of MBE
work and how practice is being affected by it. 

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