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The Creative Mind Series: We Found a Field of Gems

Creative Learning: Its not efficient, but its effectual


About: Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE) Literature Reviews

These reports have been commissioned to introduce readers to the main  principles, theories, research and debates in the field. They aim to introduce  the major themes and writing pertaining to each area of study and to outline key trends and arguments.

Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE) is a national charity with a vision for all children, regardless of their background, to experience and access the diverse  range of cultural activities because these opportunities can enhance their  aspirations, achievements and skills. We promote the value and impact of  creative learning and cultural opportunities through our strong evidence base  and policy analysis, stimulating debate among policy makers and opinion  formers, and delivering front line high quality programmes.

Through our research and programmes, we promote a systemic approach to creative and cultural initiatives and one which builds on the excellent practice which already exists to make opportunity consistent, to ensure that all children and young people are included and to place quality at the core of any creative or cultural experience. 

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