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The Creative Mind Series: Play Therapy Sets Standards

Play Therapy New Zealand


Therapeutic play, (including play therapy) , is a well established discipline based upon a number of psychological theories. Research, both qualitative and quantitative shows that it is highly effective in many cases.

Play Therapy New Zealand provides a complete information resource for the psychosocial support of children through therapeutic play, play therapy, creative arts therapies and filial play. 

The word 'competencies' is becoming increasingly used in the education, health and social services fields in general and in the psychological professions in particular. Other play therapy professional organisations have also started to talk about competencies. PTI who pioneered the application of a competency framework to play therapy standards and training in 2002 is concerned that a ‘dumbing down’ process has started.

Just throw in the word ‘competencies’ in a set of standards and everything will be alright. In the interests of ‘don’t be left out - but don’t be taken in,’ we are explaining the development of the application of competencies to play therapy so that our readers may take a fully informed view on this aspect of standards setting.

This site is designed for everybody interested in helping children with emotional, behaviour or mental health problems including parents, carers, teaching staff, nurses, care workers, social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, play therapists, paediatricians, students, etc. 

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