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The Creative Mind Series: When Lunacy Becomes Genius

Bringing out the Genius in your Classroom


“What people create, and how they create it, depends to a large extent on what those around them – those with whom they identify – are doing,” Dr Adarves-Yorno said.

The argument is corroborated in a number of experimental studies the team has conducted over the past decade and which have been published in leading scientific journals.

The paper explores how creative individuals are often portrayed as mavericks who, freed from group constraint, can fly in the face of convention.

“This is typified by Steve Jobs’ now-famous 2005 address to Stanford graduates in which he advised his audience: ‘Don’t be trapped by dogma – that is, living with the results of other people’s thinking’,” Dr Haslam said.

“Even Steve Jobs needed a group to treat his ideas seriously and to cultivate them,” Professor Haslam said.

“Indeed, it was precisely because people refused to be ‘trapped by the dogma of another person’s thinking’, that Jobs’ idea of the personal computer was initially dismissed as lunacy.”

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