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The Creative Mind Series: Leadership Through Arts, Science & Mind

Jazz Stirs Creative Flow

From the Mita Brain Based Leadership Center

Jazz’s irregularity and impulsiveness may seem chaotic initially, but listen further and you’ll pick up distinctive syncopation that tickles your mind. It works this way... People have four distinct brain waves, beta, alpha, theta and delta.

Dee Coulter, specialist in musical patterning and neurological development finds that the jazz of Miles Davis, John Coltrane and John Cage can lift the listener into theta consciousness. Theta waves, considered the most highly creative brain waves, according to Coulter, give birth to artistic and spiritual insight. 

For more creativity or to wrestle gritty problems that do not lend themselves to linear solutions, Dee Coulter recommends jazz. She says, “You have to hold the beat to meander off it. Jazz’s level of cognitive complexity stuns me. Its sense of timing, jokes, repartee, attentiveness, respect and listening is fascinating.”

About the Author, Robyn McMaster

As Sr VP of the Mita Brain Based Center, I work with Dr. Ellen Weber to equip leaders with practical brain based tactics that optimize satisfaction and output at work. In this blog I tap into arts, science and mind to gather insights that stir creativity in business applications. My goal is to share tips so other leaders can enjoy flow, intellectual challenge, problem solving acumen and fulfillment on the job. I earned a PhD, at University of Buffalo, with a focus on collaboration, and building on more intelligences for greater outcomes.

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