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How do you Core Plan?

I mentioned how much I appreciated CorePlanner’s mission of making a tool that is easy and intuitive for teacher’s to use. Today, I’m going to discuss why I find CorePlanner to be such an effective classroom tool.

The idea behind CorePlanner was to enable the transition to the Common Core State Standards. In essence, to build a bridge. For many teachers, the transition has meant rewriting plans and lessons which are tried and true. It can be a hassle to go through each plan and reformat it. Luckily, the CorePlanner software makes this easy. It allows you to upload your lesson plan and, with the click of a mouse, align in to the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Voila!

What’s more, it’s a data-tracker. The lesson-plan builder tracks how many CCSS standards are aligned to each lesson. You can even set goals for how many standards per lesson you aim to teach for each of your classes. The software measures each lesson’s number of standards and compares it to the goal you set. With a quick glance, you can look at your classes and see how they are progressing toward your set goal. Quick, easy, intuitive.

As a special education teacher, I’m particularly drawn to the software. In the SpEd world, access to lesson plans can have a bottleneck effect. Without access to a lesson plan, it’s very difficult to modify or provide accurate accommodations and it’s tough to track progress toward IEP goals.

CorePlanner’s share feature couldn’t be easier. Click, add shared user, send. Bam. The collaborative and sharing potential is limitless. Personally, I’m excited to use the share feature to send lesson plans to parents who want to know which CCSS standards are being delivered when.

What are you favorite features? Any creative uses you’ve discovered?

-‐ Annie Krut, M.Ed.

Annie is on a mission to teach kids the skills they need to be happy. She’s using neuroscience, the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. Get the curriculum at and join the conversation on Twitter: @eighthugs