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Organized + Paperless = ?

Last week we talked about how to keep your class running smoothly. Today I want to discuss a major component to management success: staying organized. A teacher’s world is a maze of papers. Having a system is crucial. For me, moving as much of my paperwork to paperless, has been a life-saver.

Here are the top 3 resources I use to stay organized and, as best I can, paperless:

1. Genius Scan

a. Genius Scan is a free app which takes a picture of a piece of paper and turns it into a PDF. In the world of special education, compiling student work samples is paramount. Genius Scan helps me keep the evidence of student achievement that I need without burdening me with a massive load of paper.

2. Trello

a. Hello Trello! Trello is an online service and an app which allows you to make lists. As you work through your list, you can move items around, color-code them, even add other details. You can share your lists with colleagues or family. I use this for everything from my grocery list to sketching out my scope and sequence. Because the list items can be dragged & dropped, it offers the flexibility that teachers so badly need!

3. Evernote

a. Evernote is very popular in the ed-tech world. Evernote compiles documents, quick notes you need to jot down, audio recordings and pictures. It’s like a multi-media filing cabinet that doesn’t take up valuable classroom space.
What are you using in your classroom to stay organized??

-¬‐ Annie Krut, M.Ed.

Annie is on a mission to teach kids the skills they need to be happy. She’s using neuroscience, the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. Get the curriculum at and join the conversation on Twitter: @eighthugs