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PD You Can Earn on the Couch!

We’ve talked before about the teacher shuffle – the two-step balancing act required to meet a teacher’s many and varied responsibilities. Depending on your state and your certification, professional development is one of your annual responsibilities. Today I wanted to offer PD options available online, so that you can juggle this responsibility from the comfort of your home (or favorite coffee shop!).

Here are three sites with extensive professional development opportunities which are affordable (!) and flexible:

1. ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development)

ASCD’s course catalog states that their online PD is award winning. It’s no surprise if you’ve ever read their publication or any of their published texts (their “Teaching Reading in the Content Areas: If not me, then who?” is fantastic!). ASCD takes best practice seriously. They offer a wide range of courses. Pricing starts at $129 and goes down depending on how many courses you purchase.

2. PBS

PBS never ceases to surprise me. I find myself on their site often no matter the resource I’m seeking. You can search their course catalog by grade/subject OR by how much time you have. #teacherfriendly Important to note: they offer free classes! I just signed up for a free course titled: Positive Behavior Intervention in Schools. I’ll keep you posted 

3. Scholastic

Scholastic offers PD that takes as little as 5 minutes! They are also the only site I found that had funding options for schools/districts. They have partnerships with multiple graduate schools to offer graduate credit if you are interested. And, because it’s Scholastic, you can expect focused, quality training.

What’s the best PD you’ve attended? Worst?