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Election Day in the U.S. : CCSS Politics & Policy

Politics over Policy: Indiana’s Abandonment of the Common Core


From: The Center of Excellence in Leadership in Learning

By: CELL’s Executive Director, David Dresslar

First, a little history. National educational standards were first called for by President Dwight Eisenhower and have been associated with conservative political thought ever since. The concept is based on the goal of improving education outcomes by having a better idea of how America’s education system is working through comparing student performance among the states. In fact, this need has increased as the U.S. has increasingly become a part of the global economy.

Ultimately, the nation’s governors and chief state school officers agreed to develop the CCSS that were adopted in 2010. Although the federal government had not played a role in their development, then-President George W. Bush also supported the CCSS. In fact at the time, Common Core was seen as one of the most bipartisan education efforts in our nation’s history with almost all state governors, both Republican and Democrat, supporting the implementation of these new standards.

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