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" At first, I was thrilled to finally validate my classroom content for not just administrators, but for parents as well as for my students-- That was in 2012. Since then, things have been piling on and piling high in terms of how to do this and how to do that.

Now I wonder where all of this is leading. I plan to teach High School Physics for the upcoming school year (2015-16), but if my content and lesson plans are going to be criticized further, I will be actively seeking employment during the school year. I may quit if something better comes up. Never did I think things would be this twisted and contorted. The idea of the standards is great, how they are being implemented in at least our school is a failure."  

Thanks for letting me vent. I used your product for a portfolio. Well worth the money!


I am an adminstrator at a large private Middle School and our adminstrative team is in the process of finding alternatives to testing procedures for measuring student success. The process reminds me of the mess the Affordable Care Act has left. While I consider myself optimistic, the way things are rolling out is like pushing a square peg down a hill aiming at a small target. Mega corporations seem to have too heavy of a hand in all of this -- very unfortunate and disappointing.


I teach 1st grade in a charter school and we are finding new ways to coordinate our curriculum and instructional program to the standards. Once we get over the initial challenges, I think it will be worth it.