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Let's Learn from Finnish Education

A Land of People who Love to Learn



“Maintaining your personal competency level is based on passionately tracking what happens in your own field of expertise and absorbing new skills before your school or employer has even heard of them.”

The main task of schools should be to identify learners’ strengths and develop their learning skills. Working with one’s hands, social skills and individual interests must be given higher priority, and phenomenon-based and project-based learning must be widely introduced at all levels of education.

As the world changes more rapidly than the Finnish education system, the gap between life and education has widened. The amount and availability of information has exploded: new professions emerge and vanish at an ever-increasing pace; learning is everywhere. It may well be that a person benefits more from playing a mobile game than from learning the cases of the Finnish language.

Small changes will not do. Refusing to change will put education at risk of becoming irrelevant, an institution disconnected from the rest of society. That would be a waste.

Education must not settle for adapting to change, but should also act as a driver.

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