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RT: Stereotypes cannot exist if we know each other! 


A8: We understand that everyone has something extremely valuable to teach us! Age means nothing, knowledge trumps all! #LeadWithGiants

A5: Old school VS new school. Old leaders are risk-averse & young leaders are risk-happy. Not even close to accurate! #LeadWithGiants

A2: By taking the time to truly get to know each other. Stereotypes cannot exist if we know each other! #LeadWithGiants

Sean here, principal from NJ! My first #leadwithgiants chat and I am excited to learn and talk with all of you!


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Sean A. Thom @ SeanAThom 

Principal @BrookfieldSchls, creator of (almost) patented student-centered teacher feedback process, @SpartanRace athlete, father, & husband. Question everything!