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Journalism Gets a Boost

Novel Semantic Tagging Tool to Benefit Digital Journalism

CORDIS News (02/16)

A new project funded by the European Union promises to make digital journalism more effective. Researchers involved in the Media in Context (MICO) project have developed a semantic editor, called WordLift, that structures content with a classification scheme to provide the needed context to news stories.

MICO researchers partnered with Greenpeace Italy and Shoof, a startup developing an Android app for user generated content, as part of their effort to create a flexible network of metadata around both text and data for small and medium-sized editorial teams.

The researchers report structuring content and creating multiple access points dramatically increases overall content discoverability over social networks and search engines. By using semantic tagging, content publishers begin curating a set of concepts that emerge from the content being produced and analyzed.

With WordLift, a plugin for WordPress, these concepts are gathered by applying an internal vocabulary. The tool can provide independent news organizations with the content structure and context needed to engage, capture, and retain target audiences.

Check it out: