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Computer Science, Meet Humanities: in New Majors, Opposites Attract

The Chronicle of Higher Education (01/28/16) Corinne Ruff

Many institutions of higher education aim to combine computer science with humanities courses as computing skill becomes an increasingly necessary ingredient for a student's career track, according to the U.S. National Science Foundation's (NSF) Janice Cuny.

One school following this strategy is Stanford University, which founded a new major called CS+Music as part of a pilot degree program called CS+X, which blends subjects such as neuroscience, art, natural language processing, and the ancient world.

Ge Wang at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics says the establishment of a CS+Music degree was "a no-brainer," noting the major "offers a blank slate to reimagine what we can do with computing while using the soul of the discipline itself. It isn't to replace it, but to augment art investigation with computation."

Fellow Stanford professor Giovanna Ceserani also is experimenting with a CS+X degree, teaching a class on the use of geographic information systems to enhance learning of classical history. NSF's Jim Kurose says CS+X degrees may hold more appeal for students who want to use data collection to analyze subjects such as politics, society, and the environment.

"It takes the notion [of majors with a humanities component] to the next level with a much deeper study of the application of computational thinking within a discipline," he notes.


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