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The Art of Being Self-Taught

Is a teacher always necessary? It depends on the discipline

Survey Finds Most Coders Are Self-Taught

Most programmers are self-educated and have received little formal training, according to a new Stack Overflow survey of 50,000 coders. A majority--69.1 percent--were self-taught, while 43.9 percent received on-the-job training and 34.8 percent earned a bachelor's degree in computer science.

The best-paid programmers where those with a Ph.D., yet they comprised only 2.1 percent of survey respondents. Full-stack Web developers accounted for 28 percent of respondents, and back-end Web developers constituted 12.2 percent.

Coders of mobile apps made up 8.3 percent and desktop app developers totaled 6.9 percent, while only 2.2 percent of developers focused on DevOps. Developers under 30 years old made up 59 percent of all programmers, and 92.8 percent of respondents were male versus 5.8 percent female.

Oddly, the largest group of female developers was aged 20 to 24, at 7.2 percent, and then it declined to the 35- to 39-year-old group at 4.2 percent, then rose again. Coders older than 60 comprised the second-largest female developer group at 7.1 percent.


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