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Root Is a Little Robot on a Mission to Teach Kids to Code

"The beauty of Root—and educational robots as a whole, is teachers can integrate it into existing lessons"


Root is a small, squat hexagon, a cheerful and friendly ‘bot reminiscent of the robot vacuum-cleaning Roomba. Scanners dot its bottom, bumpers line its sides, and there’s a touch interface on top.

Root knows when it’s on a magnetic surface. A little holder for a dry-erase marker sits dead center on the bot, which can draw on a whiteboard and erase it, too. Using that whiteboard, an iPad, and a language that’s super-easy to pick up, kids learn to code by teaching Root how to interact with the world.

Root joins a long line of tools, from simpler programming languages to children’s books that teach coding concepts, that the code literacy movement has created in recent years. Even the idea of an educational robot isn’t new. Two years ago, Harvard researchers developed the AERobot, a $10 programmable robot meant to get kids excited about science, technology, engineering, and math.

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