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PDF Formatting is Universal, Open & (Mostly) Free

Did You Know? School Districts Can Streamline Technology Applications Using the PDF Format


Why Schools Should Consider Adapting a PDF Mindset

( CorePlanner offers a handy PDF feature to save and share files :)


+ PDF files can range from extremely simple to exceptionally complicated

+ Working with PDFs is super easy

+ Almost every device in the world can read a PDF without the need for downloading a specialized reader

+ It's hard to find devices today that don't come with in-built PDF reading technology

+ The format is supported by a large variety of third-party PDF software companies and consultants

+ The PDF format enjoys substantial support in its core market of large enterprise and government

+ PDF files cannot be changed without leaving a clear footprint

+ PDF works anywhere; it is a fundamentally self-contained, cross-platform natured technology

+ In the year 2514, with human-intelligence AIs running on quantum computers, people will still need to share and use precisely laid-out content with total confidence that every reader (human or AI) will get the same thing; they'll be using PDF

+ The capacity of the PDF format has grown exponentially since its original release in 1996


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