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This month we present three CorePlanner subscribers helping us out by sharing their perspectives to some of the questions we get asked !


Jake teaches High School Algebra & Geometry

Sara is a student teacher field supervisor

Rosemary teaches elementary special ed


Dear CP,

I am finishing my first week with student teaching in a self contained fourth grade classroom and am feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Even though I've prepared for this experience nearly all of my life, I somehow have lost my confidence. Any advice for gaining and keeping my confidence? Thank you in advance!




Jake:   Fake it till you make it Josie!  Its easy to 'forget' everything you know when you have a bunch of students looking to you for strong leadership and meaningful connections. You'll make mistakes at first- try to reflect on those mistakes by figuring out how to do it better next time. Rely heavily on your supervising teachers and ask a lot of questions. Welcome to the club !

Sara: One of my go to books is by Jim Eison Confidence in the Classroom: Ten Maxims for New Teachers:

Speak actively (be expressive and enthusiastic), teach actively (engage students, let your teaching be about their learning), and care actively (be concerned about your students; their lives and learning). Hold yourself to high yet achievable standards. Let us know how this works out for you Josie!

Rosemary: Its easy to feel overwhelmed with our first experiences in the classroom, Josie!  There are multiple responsibilities and decisions impacting not only your professional career but the students and all those who care for them. My suggestion for you is this:  Try to pinpoint one or two areas that you are feeling insecure about and try to tackle those areas with focus and rigor. This way you won't feel overwhelmed with the hundreds of things teachers do on a daily basis !  Best wishes and keep on keeping on !!

Hope this helps, Josie !